Just because...

They're your best friend and you couldn't imagine life without them.  You've been on some crazy adventures together and created beautiful memories that will live with you both forever. They've been a caring shoulder for you to cry on and your number one fan when you've most needed it. It's rare to find such companionship. And every now and then you want to show them how much you value them. You don't have to spend money in order to show them how much they mean to you. Sometimes it's a simple text message or sharing your favourite food together that lets them know.  But for those moments when you really just want to get them something extra special 'just because', there's Akira Amani wearable art, each piece has a meaning designed to celebrate all that is beautiful about them, making them feel great everyday. It's something they can wear as a constant reminder of how amazing they are. It's a gift that brings joy, as they are to you and you are to them.

And as a small gift from me to you, all Akira Amani Owl necklaces are on special offer, only £14 each for one week from Saturday 18th - Friday 24th July.  *whilst stock lasts.
Just click on the link to collect your little treasure at http://akiraamani.bigcartel.com/product/owl

akira amani
akira amani
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