Your guide to getting her that Perfect Gift

...and score some serious brownie points with minimal effort this Christmas.

Christmas shopping for your partner is always a daunting task especially when it comes to buying jewellery. But fear not my dear friend, whether you've been together for 5 years or 5 minutes, I've got you covered. This is your one stop shop for getting her that perfect gift that will make you more popular than Mr Santa Clause himself this crimbo. 

"We've only just started dating, what on earth do I get her?"
This can get super awkward if you get this wrong; get something that looks like you've put little or no thought into and she'll think you're back on tinder, get her something that looks like you've spent months planning and she could run a mile thinking this is the build up to your big proposal. The perfect solution is this adorable owl necklace. It's been carefully laser cut to a gorgeous finish yet the design is cute and quirky. Making it the perfect balance as it will show you have put thought and care into her gift, without coming on too strong.  At only £15 you can't go wrong.

"We've been together a while, I want to get her something special"
I've got the perfect solution for you! This exceptional necklace has a beautiful meaning behind it. It will show you've really thought about her this Christmas and want her to feel extra special. The necklace is called Glory and it  signifies strength. It's been designed so that she can wear it every day but also dress it up to wear on those much needed girls nights and romantic nights out with you. It's a total steal at only £30.

"I think she's the one, I want to really spoil her this Christmas"
You want to get her something that will make her friends  green with envy when they see how thoughtful and caring her boyfriend is, not to mention his impeccable taste in gifts. This necklace is definitely for you. May I present 'Equinox' an uber stylish and unique wearable piece of art, not available anywhere else in the world! A lot of love and care has gone into designing and making this necklace, it's £75 and totally worth every penny.  Guaranteed to score you some big time brownie points...You are welcome.

"She's my soul-mate and my best friend, she deserves an extraordinary gift this year, no expenses spared"
Ok here's the big one. You want to get here something so special, so unique, crazy beautiful and something that she herself would never have even dreamt of. A shop bought gift will just not do. Imagine this, what if you arranged for her to have  her very own bespoke necklace hand crafted by a sought-after and uniquely talented designer, a piece of wearable art completely inspired by the stunning person she is. A complete one off, she will literally be the only person on the entire planet with this necklace. What better way to let her know how much you treasure and adore her! The new and exclusive Akira Amani Chrysalis package does exactly that.

Akira Amani Chrysalis is a unique experience where your loved one will receive a one to one consultation, where designer Akira Amani will get to know and understand her.  Her unique qualities will then be carefully translated into a Bespoke Hand Crafted piece of Wearable Art. She will be presented with her new and exclusive necklace in a complementary hand- made personalised box. The necklace and entire experience is designed to spark the start of a wonderful transformation for her to explore, celebrate and grow who she truly is. With a £590 introductory price, you can't go wrong. Want to know more? Just click here.


Well I hope that helps with your shopping dilemmas, there are plenty more solutions at if you fancy a quick browse, every piece is designed to make her feel great so you can rest assured she will love her gift and feel great. So all that's left for you to do now is put your feet up and treat yourself to some hot chocolate by the fire. Have a very merry Christmas ;)