ONE Akira Amani is a collection of exclusive limited editions of wearable art.
Each piece is either a complete one off or a very limited edition, with only 2 to 3 editions being made.




You are incredible, a stunning 'one-off', there is only one of you that exists on the entire planet... so why play small?

This one-off handmade Aztec inspired necklace is certainly not for the fainthearted. It represents your victories and reminds you, you truly are glorious and can face any battle life may introduce you to.

Includes Swarovski elements skull as a center piece surrounded by emerald green and white gems encased on a gold painted ornate pendant.


Named after the Mayan god of storms, the Chaac necklace represents your unshakeable strength and past victories.

It's a complete one-off. Handmade using Swarovski elements skull as a center piece wearing an ornate headpiece incrusted with white and ocean green gems edged with pearl like beads.