Akira Amani Chrysalis

Bespoke wearable art designed to signify the start of a glorious new you


There is only one of you that exists on the entire planet so why wear a necklace that so many others have? You deserve to have your very own timeless treasure carefully designed and beautifully crafted to befit the incredible person you are.

Every piece is designed to evoke and remind you of the beautiful qualities you possess that will encourage you to live them everyday.

It is a work of art and you are the muse; a wearable sculpture that enhances your natural beauty and expresses your stunning personality to the world. You deserve to only wear the best.

Introducing the Akira Amani CHRYSALIS

Chrysalis is a unique experience where you will receive one to one consultation with designer Akira Amani, where she will get to know and understand you. Akira will then carefully translate your unique qualities into a bespoke hand crafted piece of wearable art completely inspired by you. You will be presented with your new and exclusive necklace in a hand-made personalised box.

The necklace and entire experience is designed to spark the start of a wonderful transformation for you to explore and be who you truly are.


About Akira


Akira Amani received a BA Honours in Design Communication from Chelsea, University of arts London and later went on to study Art Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths. After working as a designer and illustrator for companies including Alberto V05, Nokia, Asiana; an international fashion magazine and Universal Pictures, Akira went on to exhibit her own personal artwork which she had produced whilst recovering from a trauma. It was here that Akira recognised the true psychological impact design has on the way we feel and think. As a customer who bought a print of ‘Glory’ (horse illustration on the far right) remarked “I wish I could carry this canvas around with me everywhere as I feel incredibly empowered by it”. This sparked the thought of turning her artwork into wearable pieces so that people could feel good everyday.

After the first showcase, the Akira Amani brand was then picked up by Not On The High Street, Shopcade and was promoted at London Fashion week 2014 as well as with We Make London at Camden Lock.

Recently, Akira was invited by Hollywood film company, Legendary, to help design jewellery and various fashion products for the release of the film ‘Crimson Peak’ out in October 2015.

Akira specialises in working with wood, acrylic, fabric and upcycling vintage jewellery creating new and unique pieces that has a story to tell, your story.


Customer feedback

“I absolutely love my Akira Amani necklace, it’s like no other. As soon as you put the necklace on you feel like you can take on the world!”

- Fiona Timba, 28. Digital trainer.

“I received my pieces yesterday and I must say the pictures don’t do them justice. They are gorgeous. I’m wearing the necklace today and my son’s comment was “ wow mum that looks really special. ”I feel incredible wearing it, thank you so much.”

-Karma Kholsa, 36. Mother of two.

“I genuinely cannot live without my Akira Amani necklace! I wear it nearly every day and always get great comments on it. If I’m feeling a little blue, I get dressed up and wear the necklace, it always makes me feel extra special”

-Vanessa Jones, 27. PA.

“ I’ve worn my Akira Amani necklace to some pretty big occasions that have called for me to be strong and confident, knowing what the necklace means has helped remind me at the most important times to be strong and to believe in myself“

-Ismat Jaffer, 32. Art and design teacher.

Why fashion matters

“Fashion matters. Faster than anything else, what we wear tells the story of who we are- or who we want to be. Fashion is the most immediate and intimate form of self-expression... in a way we use our clothes and accessories as a proxy for language” Frances Corner head of London College of Fashion.

Throughout history powerful women have used fashion to define their place in the world, and their sense of themselves. From Cleopatra, Boudicca, Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth I and right through to today with icons such as Kate Middleton, Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama, and Beyonce to name but a few.

The extraordinary style of artist Frida Kahlo is another great example of how expressive and powerful fashion is. She used clothes and jewellery as an integral part of her imagery - in paintings and in life. How she chose to dress reflects how fashion and clothing connect us not only to our inner selves but also to the world around us. From her decision to style her hair in traditional plaits to her sartorial references to historical Mexican dress and her use of corsets to help manage her physical pain all became symbols of her determination and inner strength.

Conscientiously or not, we are all constantly communicating to the world, who we are, through what we wear. You are what you wear. So it makes sense for you to have a bespoke, beautiful wearable piece of art that encompasses the true you.

This new and exclusive experience is one that is designed to spark the start of a powerful, beautiful and adored new you, it’s all about feeling and looking good from the inside out.

It would also make an extra special gift for a loved one, perhaps a bride to be, a new graduate, a special birthday girl, someone who is working through an adverse time or would make a thoughtful baby shower gift.



Go on, treat yourself...

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